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Great feeders for your Reptiles, Birds, and Fishing Bait.
Featuring Superworms, Wax Worms, Mealworms, Phoenix Worms, Giant Mealworms. We ship directly from our facility in Georgia!
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Our Location

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Please review our Shipping and Live Delivery Guarantee prior to ordering to make sure you are under the live arrival Guarantee in this Weather

We are back in Business! We are shipping every order we can today!(as long as its before 2pm Easter) There are still a few places that cannot receive their packages due to the aftermath of Irma and Harvey. We will hold those that cant make it. If you are unsure please check FedEx to see if you are affected! We appreciate all your patience and look forward to sending healthy feeder insects safely to your door!

749 W Winder Industrial Park
Winder, GA 30680

(Our location)
Any DOA's please contact us within 24hrs or guarantee will be void. NEVER REFUSE A PACKAGE.

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Featured Email

Good morning, I wanted to write & inform you that our bearded dragon passed away about a year ago. He died due to a tumor in his stomach. Most importantly though, I wanted you to know that for five years you had always provided us with excellent customer service and healthy LIVE crickets. You even talked to us personally on the phone at one time. When the chance arrives, I always recommend your website.

Thank you so much for your great service! Anissa Wallin, Cloquet MN


Hi Allison,
For my very first bulk cricket buying experience, I purchased 500 3/8 brown crickets and they all looked beautiful, as a matter of fact – not a single one dead! I placed them in a clean XL Critter Keeper brand plexi-glass container. The room only varies between 70-76 degrees, plenty of food and a shallow dish for water. Cricket paradise, or so I thought. The next day, half the order was dead. L I contacted the email listed on your website, sales@premiumcrickets.com and thought, “Great… I’ll never hear anything back – or at lease for weeks…”


To my surprise, received a reply back the same day! I wanted to express my gratitude for one of your employees, Mike. He has been an absolute joy to deal with. His level of professionalism and urgency was superb! Working at Paychex, we pride ourselves on being the “Cadillac of Payroll Services” and I find it hard to encounter someone that meets MY requirements of how I expect to be treated as a customer. It’s easy to talk the talk: to believe you are good at “servicing customers,” but to actually walk the talk takes a dedicated, determined individual. I have seen all these qualities from him.


Thank you for the wonderful experience, Mike. I am a believer and will ONLY ever grant Premium Crickets my repeat business. I hope I didn’t embarrass him, just wanted to share. J


Thank you,


Kelly B

Milwaukee, WI


My wife Melissa just told me about her conversation with you about this order and I must say, I am very impressed that you would take the extra effort to hold FedEx so the order would go out today.  I greatly appreciate this "above and beyond" attitude to serving your customers.  I am truly impressed.
Even though you were not able to cancel the order (shoot!), I know that in the future, you will go that extra mile for your customer if at all possible.  For this I am truly grateful!  Thank you for your awesome service and for putting your customers first.
Eric Gunderson

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